Sunday, 18 December 2016

Wonect Review: Fall/Winter Makeup for 2016 & 2017


The weather outside is downright frightful (We're down to the high negatives here in the snowy north of Sweden), but armed with my Canmake Lip Tint Jam in Shade 01 Cherry, and Kosé's Visée Glossy Rich Eyes in the appropriately coded GR-8 Khaki Palette, my makeup is perfectly on point for the season. The packaging for these two products is ultra-lightweight, but with a glossy golden glow that's absolutely suited to the warm rich colours within. In the summer I love a flick of bright turquoise eyeliner as much as the next girl, but autumn and winter call for more polished looks, especially for all those inevitable year-end parties. These products are the perfect foundation for a makeup arsenal that you can bring with you just about anywhere. 

I can say with 100% certainty that when we go ice-fishing on Monday, I'm not going to have to worry one iota about half my hair being plastered to my lips even with the wind whipping it all about. Despite the rather jammy consistency of the colour on application, it dries with alacrity, more like Benefit's iconic Benetint than a traditional gloss. The colour is surprisingly sheer, which means the first layer lends only a hint of flush, perfect if you're going for a barely-there makeup look. For more drama, about three layers are needed to give your lips a fairly natural "Just been having a few sips of wine" stain. 

I'm not a big fan of the rather wobbly wand applicator - it's unwieldy and I keep ending up looking like I've actually smeared jam across my mouth when I use it. But it's easy enough to put a dollop on a knuckle and use my fingertips to pat the stain on. I've taken to applying the excess on my cheeks, which imparts a very pretty and healthy-looking glow. 

The first thing that hits you about the eyeshadows of the Visée Glossy Rich Eyes palette is the shimmer. This iridescence runs throughout their range of eyeshadow quads, and is meant to flatter the eyes and impart a youthful sheen. This Kosé product doesn't stop there with anti-ageing benefits either. The colours look creamily glossy, and actually feel that way too, thanks to moisturizing elements like squalene and collagen essence that's been imbued into the formulation to keep your eyelids well-hydrated throughout a full day of wear. The colour glides on beautifully, and the shades complement each other very well. If you follow the instructions on the back for using all four at once, the result is a very sculpted look that gives the eyes greater dimension. The pearlescent highlighter shade is also very useful if you're looking to create a strobed effect in a jiffy.   

Anyone who grew up in Singapore in the 80s and 90s can tell you that our association with green eyeshadow isn't a very positive one, given that on TV, only demons and fox spirits ever used that colour. But unlike those garish hues, the khaki of this particular palette is a very modern shade, fresh but subtle. Greenery is Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2017, and if you're looking to get ahead of the curve on next year's fashion and design trends, this is the palette for you. 

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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Wonect Review: Lion Kyusoku Jikan (休足時間) Foot Patch


Between running around in heels on a daily basis for work, and stepping up my training routine in an attempt to establish good habits before the New Year (Those resolutions aren't going to keep themselves!), the past month has been particularly... intensive, leg-wise. While I dearly wish to be able to go for a weekly massage to ease these achy pains, it's pretty unlikely that I'll win the lottery anytime soon, so the next best thing I've found to soothe my burning muscles is Lion's Kyusoku Jikan (休足時間) Foot Patch, which you can find over at Wonect

Produced by Lion, the Kyusoku Jikan (休足時間) patches are scented with Lavender, Sage, Rosemary, Lemon and Orange, and also contain a little menthol for that extra icy-hot kick. They recommend that you use these patches right after a bath, or just before you go to bed, but I think as long as your skin is clean, use it whenever you need a little pick-me-up. I kept my box in the fridge as recommended, and it feels absolutely heavenly when it goes on. The box indicates that the patches can go on the base of your feet, round your ankles, on your calves, or behind your knees, but I've tried it on other achy muscle groups, and it works just as well.

The box comes with three individually sealed packets, each with 6 patches. These work through evaporation to provide a long-lasting cooling effect, and with gentle skin-soothing ingredients, you can actually keep these on all day without irritating your skin, so although each patch is only good for one-time use (They lose their adhesiveness once you remove them), you can get pretty good mileage out of each. 

Applying the patch is easy. There's a nice bit of stretch to the fabric side, so it's even effective at navigating tricky bits like ankles and shoulders. The plastic protective sheeting separates easily from the gel, and then it's only a matter of smoothing out the sheet where you need it to go. The gel will only stick to dry skin, so if you're fresh out of the bath, towel off thoroughly before applying this! 

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